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The aim of the TRI‐SUSTAIN project is to develop a novel  three‐pronged  integrated approach towards the goals of bioeconomic  value‐chains,  ecological and therapeutic sustainability, accompanied by a  Graduate  School.

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November 2018: Third Tri-Sustain workshop in Botswana

Visiting the traditional village of Mmangkodi

Visiting the traditional village of Mmangkodi

Visiting the traditional village of Mmangkodi

From November 11 to 16, 2018, all PhD students and most of the scientists in the Tri-Sustain project met for the third time for a Graduate School in the heart of Africa. After two workshops in Tanzania and Ethiopia, Botswana became the host country. The Graduate School focused on "Participatory research tools and culturally sensitive documentation methods to identify bioactive medicinal plants - Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship". The participants were introduced to the main methods of dealing with traditional knowledge and ethnobotanical tasks. The legal framework for the use of traditional knowledge was discussed. The Graduate School was supplemented by overview lectures on the doctoral opportunities at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), and on the promotion of innovation and start-up towards sustainable entrepreneurship. The students themselves presented the progress of their work and used the opportunity for discussion with experts from relevant scientific fields. One day was spent in the village of Mmankgodi where the participants were introduced in social and ethnobotanical techniques with the help of the members of the Bahuruthshe Women's Cooperative and a traditional healer. To facilitate further cooperation, bilateral meetings were held by the Dean of the Faculty of Biosciences of MLU and Dean of the Science Faculty of the University of Botswana (UB). Representatives of the International Office of MLU and of the Technology Transfer of UB exchanged experiences and expressed an interest in expanding the cooperation between MLU and UB. Further opportunities for cooperation of Germany with African countries were discussed during a reception at the residence of the German Ambassador in Botswana, his Excellency Ralf Breth.

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