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University of Botswana

Department of Biological Sciences

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Andrae-Marobela

Foto: Günther Bauer

Foto: Günther Bauer

Foto: Günther Bauer

Dr. Marks Kgosimotse Ditlhogo

PhD students:

Ms. Boingotlo Raphane

PhD topic:

Identification and characterization of traditional medicinal plants as sources of anti‐HIV and HIV anti‐latency therapeutic natural products

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. K. Andrae‐Marobela, Dr. M. Leteane, Dr. M. Ditlhogo

Mr. Khumongwana Pilara

PhD topic:

The application of multi‐angle light scattering spectroscopy (MALS) as a low‐cost diagnostic tool for patient‐centered efficacy determination of TB and HIV treatment regimen

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. K. Andrae-Marobela

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